What are we doing to protect our patients, staff and families?

Over the last 2 months, we have been working ​diligently to develop ​new protocols to keep our staff and patients safe and healthy – as well as to prevent the spread of COVID-19! We fully appreciate that there are many different opinions regarding COVID-19, we are adhering to the CDC, American Optometric Association, and the State of Washington guidelines for reopening. Here are a few of the many facility, staff, and instrument safety measures we have taken:

  1. We installed a UV air scrubber to our heating and ventilation system for air purification.
  2. Our waiting area furniture and pretesting equipment has been rearranged to allow for 6 foot social distancing.
  3. Sneeze guards have been installed at the front desk, dispensing tables, and the tech desk.
  4. Sneeze guards have been installed on all exam room and optical equipment.
  5. STOP/GO signs have been put in place indicating whether the exam room or bathroom has been sanitized, or still needs cleaned.
  6. Parking spots around the office have been numbered with signs advising patients to call the office prior to entering the building. This helps our staff to quickly identify where patients are parked for curbside delivery of products.
  7. A STOP sign has been posted on the front door advising patients of new protocols prior to entering the building.
  8. Markers have been placed on the floor just inside the door to advise patients where to wait for temperature check and also to denote appropriate waiting distances as needed.
  9. Arrows have been placed on the floor to guide patients in the one-way flow through the office.
  10. Scrubs are worn by all staff and doctors and are to be washed after each use.
  11. Masks are provided and worn by all staff and doctors.
  12. Gloves are worn during any procedures or patient encounters involving physical touch.
  13. Sanitation procedures for eyewear and optical instruments/tools have been implemented. All eyewear handled by patients are collected and sanitized before they are returned for display.
  14. Hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the office for patient and staff use.
  15. Posters have been placed around the office encouraging staff and patients of proper hygienic practices as recommended by the CDC.

We look forward to seeing all of you!!