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Optical Boutique

Optical Boutique


Setting out to create frames that imitated modern art and architecture, designer Pascal Jaulent launched Face-a-Face Paris. Express yourself with an elaborate masterpiece, handcrafted in France to highlight the beauty of the eyes!


OVVO Optics utilize high end materials like surgical stainless steel and titanium. Their experienced dedication forges the perfect eyeglass frame ensuring a degree of comfort and reliability which is hard to match. Choose OVVO for advanced designs that meet the needs of the modern world.


Etnia Barcelona captures the spirit of its namesake – the City of Barcelona, Spain. Constantly innovative while respecting its heritage, Etnia covers its eyeglass designs with beautiful colors and fresh features. They choose to utilize high quality and raw sustainable materials to protect the future of our planet. Featuring collections that invite you to overcome fears and take risks.


Fysh eyewear is designed for women with confidence, individuality and style. Not only are their eyeglasses comfortable and professional, they contain creative shapes and unique accents so fashionable they belong on the red carpet.


Eco practices its message of positivity and sustainability with aesthetic, and minimalist glasses made with the earth in mind. They have inventive ways of doing things, which means they use 95% recycled metal, biobased castor seed oil, and recycled ocean plastics. Eco is the newest generation of eyewear, and it is here to stay.


Just like New York City, MODO combines diverse experiences to create the world's latest and greatest frames. They utilize cutting-edge technology, Italian expertise, and inspiration from Scandinavian minimalism, making lightweight, long-lasting frames infused with striking simplicity.


Prodesign frames reflect historic Danish values in every aspect of their build and design. These clean, minimalist frames are hand assembled with the finest materials to ensure quality created with functionality in mind. Whether you are looking for something sporty, sophisticated, old fashioned, or daring, Prodesign has a frame in their collection just for you.


Bellinger House designs vibrant eyeglasses for those who want to stand out. They care about craftmanship, and work very hard to make frames that elicit emotion and sophistication using beautiful color blends and precise frame cuts for a contemporary look. Choose from Bellinger for a cool, comfortable look unlike any other.


Vera Bradley eyeglasses shine with the same dazzling creativity that fashionistas know to expect in their quilted handbags and accessories. Their frames are accentuated with patterns and textures that come with matching cases. Look no further than Vera Bradley to set your style apart.


AO started back in 1833 with the goal of providing eyewear innovation for all. They have been following through on that purpose ever since. Their story includes military pilots, NASA space crews, and American icons like JFK. It's easy to see why AO eyeglasses rock - they are truly timeless.


Scott Harris eyewear offers classic frames with a splash of color, so that everyone can find a frame that’s right for them. Their designs, which are handmade in the USA, are inspiring rather than uniform. In the words of their founder, Scott Harris Shapiro... “Eyewear should fit both your face and your personality naturally, and it should be unique enough to fit them both perfectly.”

Dilli Dali​​​​​​​

Dilli Dalli eyewear makes wearing glasses safe and fun for your child. Their special technologies, like their IntelliFlex multi-action spring hinge, allow their glasses to withstand twisting and bending from multiple directions. Their glasses are also designed to be comfortable and precisely fitted for little faces.

Maui Jim​​​​​​​

Maui Jim was inspired by the harsh Hawaiian sun. They developed advanced technologies to allow wearers to shield their eyes from harmful UV rays while also letting colors stand out sharply. Whether you are on a Hawaiian beach or fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest, Maui Jim sunglasses let you see the full picture so you can enjoy the whole experience!


Nicole Miller​​​​​​​


Oakley is centered on an active lifestyle, and its dedication to innovation and on-point designs make it a central part of the world of eyewear. Their patented, USA-engineered technologies, and high end materials make their glasses essential for athletes and sports players, so they can get outside and keep pushing the limits.


XXL Eyewear was built for men with larger features, who had trouble with other frame lines. They include wide bridges and longer temples in every one of their designs. Not only does XXL offer a better fit, they make their glasses with hypoallergenic titanium and design them with laid back style, so they can easily be worn all day long.

Wiley X​​​​​​​

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