Adults: $250


  • One Annual Comprehensive Eye Examination
    • Eyeglass prescription check tailored to your needs
    • Visual acuity testing
    • Eye muscle testing
    • Screening visual field testing
    • No puff glaucoma testing
    • Autorefraction
    • Microscope evaluation of the front surface of the eye
    • Dilated retinal evaluation
  • Special Testing
    • Optos Retinal Imaging ($35 value)
    • Optos Fundus Auto-Fluorescence ($35 value)
    • Corneal topography (mapping) for corneal disease ($50 value)
    •  Meibography (gland imaging) of the oil producing eyelid glands to evaluate for the #1 cause of dry eye disease ($50 value)
    • Additional screening which is not covered by insurance may be included on the day of the examination, if needed.
  • Eyewear and Contact Lens Discount Plan (Good for 6 months after purchase)
    • 10% off neurolenses and/or a one year supply of contact lenses including free shipping
    • 15% off contact lens services
    • 20% off 1st pair of eyewear (frame and lens or lenses only) and/or non-prescription sunglasses
    • 30% off additional pairs of eyewear (frame and lens)
    • Some restrictions apply

Limitations: Non-transferrable. Included services and materials can be billed to companies for which we are out of network (OON). Charges under the ESP program cannot be billed to insurance companies for which East Vancouver Eye is in-network or be self-submitted by the patient due to contract limitations. Patient bears the responsibility to maximize benefits within the 6-month ESP program period.